Getting Binaural Beats For Sleep. What is binaural beats?

Binaural beats are specific physical stimuli that create auditory results that help to induce relaxation, creativity, meditation, sleep and other types of mental states that could be deemed as desirable.

The way that the beats work is that the brain perceives a sound when two tones are produced at slightly differing frequencies are presented separately, each to a separate ear of the subject through headphones. The result is a beating tone will be created as if the two tones had been naturally mixed from the brain.

What is binaural beats?

In order to work properly the difference in the frequencies must be below 1,000 hertz for the sensations to be noticeable and the difference between the two frequencies have to be less than 30hz in order for the effect to actually happen.

The stimulus of the application can be aural or visual, or both. The function of the brain seems to be to form alternative results that may take the conscious mind off of what would be considered to be “normal” stimulus results and to take the perception to another realm.

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This smacks of the effects of psychedelic results of LSD or other drug influenced experiments, and there are similar effects that occur. Some of the other unverified claims are that the beats help people to memorize in learning exercises, help them to be successful in dieting, stop smoking, improve athletic performance and similar exercises.

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There is much to be said for the power of suggestion and wishful thinking in some of the experiments that have been tried. But probably one of the more useful applications of this technology is the use of binaural beats for sleep. 

By utilizing the proper beats setup, it is possible for a person to go from an very alert status to being relaxed and then be asleep in minutes by using the binaural beats process to alter the brainwaves. To say it another way, when you are alert and focused, your brainwaves are in a beta frequency, but when you are relaxed and ready for sleep, your brainwaves are in an alpha state.

Binaural beats for sleep

In order to comfortably be in sleep mode, your brain waves need to be in what is called a “deep alpha” state, and sometimes that is not so easily done after a busy and stressful day. You may be tired, but your brain is still alert, rehashing the day, or going over tomorrow’s agenda.

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However, by taking advantage of a binaural beats hfo process, you can slow down your brain waves to a more relaxed state and be asleep in a very short period of time. The way that it works is to introduce a new, and lower frequency by using the binaural beats and your brain will begin to match this frequency, thus making it easier for you to fall asleep.

For most people, the sounds will be very peaceful and relaxing and are created to have your brain waves relax along with the sounds that the individual is hearing. It is recommended that people who have a history of epilepsy or seizures not get involved with brainwave conditioning, and if a person has a history of heart disease, that their physician should be consulted before trying this type of conditioning.

There are many people that suffer from insomnia, for many different reasons, the primary one being that they cannot get their brain to slow down enough to get into that alpha state. So many people go for the drug or medication solution, but when you really get into the side effects of some of the sleep medications, it gets a little scary.

When using binaural beats for sleep, you don’t have any worries about all of the side effects that might occur, because there are really none. Some people try meditation, which is a really good way to go to sleep, except it can be difficult to do if you are suffering from anxiety.

Using binaural beats for sleep is the painless method of slowing down your brain to its slow speed, where you will drift off to sleep like a baby. There are thousands of choices of what kinds of beats from which to choose, and you can listen to some on your own and see what appeals to you.